Want to monitor your blood pressure discreetly? Omron Healthcare makes it easy with the Omron HeartGuide.

Offered as a wearable, stylish watch, the Omron smart watch will monitor your blood pressure in a mere 30 – 40 seconds.

Clinically accurate, all you have to do is place your watch over your heart to measure your blood pressure. But while this is one of the best smart blood pressure monitors available, it’s does a lot more than just monitor your blood pressure.

What the Omron HeartGuide Offers

  • Monitor blood pressure
  • Monitor sleep quality
  • Monitor activity

You’ll be connecting to your FDA-approved device using the HeartAdvisor app. The app is feature-rich, and it’s arguable that the app is what really makes the Omron blood pressure watch tick.

When connected to the app, you’ll be able to track all of your data over time.

The app has a variety of options:

  • Color-coded health graphs allow you to track trends over a period of time. These trends are easy to visualize thanks to the in-depth, powerful graphs.
  • Dashboard access to view all of your health information, history and even reminders right from the moment you enter the app.
  • Insights, provided on a daily basis, that allow you to receive recommendations based on your own personalized data.

What’s even more interesting is that the app will be able to compare your readings against a vast database that follows the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology guidelines.

HeartGuide is compatible with most smartphones and iOS / Android devices.

How The HeartGuide Smart Watch is Able to Produce Accurate Readings

Omron is one of the world’s leaders in blood pressure technology, and the company realizes that the old way of putting a cuff on and taking your blood pressure isn’t ideal outside of a medical setting.

The introduction of a smartwatch to handle these complex readings is a gamechanger.

Components of a traditional oscillometer measurement have been miniaturized. Omron has filed over 80 new patents on components that are small enough to fit into a watch and work to read your blood pressure.

The watch band itself has an inflatable cuff, and the band allows you to take a reading that’s accurate.

omron smartwatch

Other watches offering similar readings only use sensor technology. Sensors are not as accurate and can only provide estimates. Innovation and practicality meet with the Omron HeartGuide, allowing for a simple watch to be able to read a person’s blood pressure.

With the addition of the accompanying app, you’re able to monitor your daily blood pressure fluctuations. You’ll be able to see which activities are causing spikes in your blood pressure, and all of this information can then be reviewed and stored for future use.

It’s a great way to determine how your lifestyle will impact your blood pressure.

Technical specs for the watch are also impressive:

  • Up to 100 blood pressure measurements
  • Up to 7 days of sleep measurement
  • Up to 7 days of activity measurements
  • Up to 100 event measures
  • Lithium ion polymer batter with AC adapter and rechargeable options
  • Charge requires of 2 – 3 times per week with average usage
  • Band width of 1.18”

You’ll receive everything, including 2 replacement cuff sleeves, an AC adapter and charging cable, too. There’s a charging clip provided also.

Don’t worry about your data either. All of the information that your watch gathers is collected and stored in a HIPAA-compliant database. You have the right to share this information with other apps or your doctors, or you can choose to keep all of this information private – it’s your choice.

You’ll even be able to monitor basic activities, such as how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve been able to burn overall when using the watch.

It’s the perfect way to monitor all of your health-related information and contain it in one central location that provides easy-to-read graphs and other data.

Data is shared with the app wirelessly using Bluetooth technology, so it’s a fast, secure and widely accepted way to transmit all of your data. If you want to share your information with your doctor, there’s also an export option.

When exporting your data, it will all be put into a PDF.

heartguide watch

The company has plans to be able to connect into health platforms in the future, and this would allow the app to connect into Walgreen’s, Google and Samsung health data platforms. Apple’s record vaults can already be used with the app, so you can transfer your information to your vault if you deem fit.

Updates to the app are already planned, with a future update that will allow blood pressure scheduling.

The scheduling of the readings can allow you to have your blood pressure analyzed while you sleep, so you’ll be able to properly see if there are night-time issues you’re facing, such as hypertension.

Introduced at CES 2019, this is the world’s first wearable oscillometric blood pressure monitor.

The company has created components, no larger than a grain of rice, that are able to provide accurate blood pressure readings. You also have the option to set reminders on your watch, receive notifications and even make a call or send a text.

Omron’s watch is one of the most exciting advancements to hit CES, an event that has over 4,500 exhibitors. The company is well-known, and with filing 80 new patents to create the HeartGuide, they have become the leader in wearable blood pressure monitoring technology.

Where to Buy the HeartGuide?

Omron Heartguide Blood Pressure Watch

If you want to buy the HeartGuide, there’s only one place I recommend: the official Omron website. You’ll have peace of mind in knowing that you’re getting an FDA approved blood pressure watch with a full warranty from the manufacturer.

When monitoring your blood pressure becomes a chore, there’s an option to make it easier: a smart blood pressure monitor.

The HeartGuide and app have a lot of updates planned, which will boost the power of the wearable and allow users to see and use more of the data that they collect through their watches.