Stundenglass is changing the way that people view bongs. Futuristic and fancy, the gravity bong offers an extremely cool vape like device with a well-built design.

From the impeccable build to the gravity-powered water pipe, a full bowl of this bong will leave you on a different planet.

The smoke will go through a water and cooling process that allows for flavor-filled vape that is smooth and cool.

It’s a pleasurable experience from start to finish, and the gravity bong beats out the DIY gravity bongs that a lot of people have, there’s no plastic, aluminum foil or other low-grade materials in the bong that would impact the functionality of the Stundenglass.

What is a Glass Gravity Bong?

Stundenglass is a glass, gravity hookah bong that allows for one-of-a-kind technology that utilizes kinetic energy (more on that below). The bong looks completely different than a traditional bong – almost futuristic – and the taste is superb.

Craftsmanship and a timeless design allow Stundenglass to be a defining piece of smoking culture.

You can use almost everything in the Stundenglass, including:

  • Concentrates
  • Flower
  • Shisha tobacco

And the unique style allows you to keep the bong on a table and no one realizing that it’s not a piece of art. It has a stylish design and high-end function that can be enhanced even further with top-end accessories.

If you’ve used bongs in the past, you’ll know that a lot of them feel flimsy and kind of like you’re still in high school and gathered up a bit of money to buy a bong. When you use the Stundenglass, it feels and looks high class. It’s beautifully crafted.

How Does This Hookah Bong Work?

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Stundenglass uses large, rotating chambers that look complicated to use, but it’s an easy process. You can get started on your smoke session with just a few quick steps:

  • Add water to the bottom container, leaving the top half empty
  • Turn the chamber to 180F
  • Add in your flower, concentrates or tobacco

The unit will heat up. When the smoke goes through the system, it will cause the smoke to be pulled through water using negative air pressure. The smoke will fill the top of the chamber, where you left it empty, to allow you to easily inhale the smoke.

If you want to control the amount of smoke produced, you can turn the hourglass.

There’s 360-degree rotatable activation with kinetic motion used to activate the bong. Air flow technology is used as an opposing force to deliver a powerful, unique experience with each use.

Drawing will cause heat to spread above the concentrates or tobacco for easy inhalation. When you use the Stundenglass, the rotation occurs, allowing for a smooth and consistent smoke that is filled with flavor.

Functional and versatile, the bong can connect to other devices with the 14mm male joint. A 3-foot silicone hose is provided that allows you to take a steady stream of smoke that the mouthpiece. You can move the mouthpiece 45 degrees, or you can change it to the contactless option.

Safe Swapping

Are you the type of person that likes to pass around your bong and share it with others? It’s fun to pass your bong around, but the coronavirus has changed that for a lot of people. No matter how much you love your friends or family, swapping spit during a pandemic isn’t a good option.

A traditional bong leaves spit behind, so everyone that takes a hit is essentially coming in contact with every user’s spit.

But Stundenglass has you covered with a contactless smoke delivery. The attachment allows you to inhale without needing to come in contact with a mouthpiece. Water pressure forces the smoke out, so there’s no need for an airtight seal to inhale.

If you plan on using the bong as a hookah hose, you can use the glass mouthpiece. The accessories allow you to inhale the way you want without worrying about switching to a different bong.


If you’re looking at the Stundenglass and thinking “this is going to be hard to put together,” you’re not alone. The bong is intimidating, but when you start unpacking the box, you’ll notice that it’s not hard to put together at all.


Each component has its own space in the box, allowing you to pull it out piece by piece to put it together. And you’ll also be able to put the pieces back into the box individually for easy transport to a friend’s house.

You’ll be shocked by the interior of the box that is reminiscent of a high-end barber’s kit where every piece has its own place. Stundenglass has an expensive look and feel, and since its engineer is an ex-Apple employee, you’ll quickly realize that it has a quality that outpaces the competition but is worth every cent.

Eight pieces are included in the box:

  • Hose
  • Coal tray
  • Flower bowl
  • Hookah bowl
  • Hookah wand
  • Male-to-male adapter for the hookah bowl
  • Glass globes
  • Glass and aluminum hookah

Each of these pieces has their own place in the box, so you never have to worry about pieces clanking together in a bag and potentially breaking.


When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, you’ll be happy to know that all of the parts are dishwasher safe. You can remove the glass chambers and place them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

You’ll need to empty the water after each use to avoid the water from getting that “stinky” smell.

Materials and Quality

Stundenglass is made to the highest standards, and the quality is improved with the high-end material used in the gravity bong. The engineers don’t cut corners, so you can be confident you have a sturdy, well-built gravity bong that you can use by yourself or with a group of people.

The materials that are used in the construction of the bong are:

  • Teflon seals
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Stainless steel (surgical)

If you’re upgrading from a DIY solution or a cheap bong, you’ll be blown away by the quality of this bong.

Stundenglass is so confident in their design that they back the gravity bong with a 10-year warranty.

Tips and Tricks for a Better Hookah Bong Experience

Stundenglass is one of the world’s most advanced bongs, and while it’s simple to use, a few tricks and tips can make your smoke experience even better. Here are a few to try:


You have three main configurations that will dictate your usage patterns. If you use it on standard, every time that you rotate the water-filled chamber, smoke will be released. Users that want an even faster experience can take off one of the percolators – or both.

If you remove both, you’ll amplify the gravitational force on all pulls.

Remove the Bowl Before It Burns

Time your usage properly so that you can remove the bowl before it burns the material. A lot of users will remove the bowl after rotating the chamber to help prevent wasted concentrate or flower.

If you’re having a party, fill the bowl up and continue rotating to keep the party going.

When no one wants to take any more hits from the bong, you can simply use the air flow pausing system to allow for rapid usage when the party starts again. It’s one of the most convenient features of a bong that is perfect for people that are partying and passing the bong around.

Air Flow Pausing

Want to pause your air flow? Rotate the device back halfway. Simply rotate the device to start it back up and begin producing vape.

Where to Find the Gravity Bong for Sale

Most US retailers don’t sell the Stundenglass yet, but it’s coming soon.

For now, your want to make sure you order directly from Here are a few reasons why you would want to use them directly. The trusted retailer has a great name with rave reviews, but that’s just the start of what customers can expect when placing your order.

The main reason is that GreenLane,’s parent company, are the official distributor of StundenGlass in North America. This brings you all the confidence that you are getting a legit product with full warranty.

Additionally, a few of the many benefits when ordering from are:

  • Price Match Guarantee. When you place an order, if you find that someone else is selling for less, you can request a price match guarantee. The company matches all sales for items over $48, and free shipping is also available.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Customers that order will be happy with the service that they receive – guaranteed. If you’re dissatisfied in any way, contact the company and they’ll be happy to help you.