Spin-Clean is a record cleaner you didn’t know you needed. That was the case for me anyway after getting back into to vinyl collecting. The Spin-Clean system takes the painstaking process of cleaning vinyl records out of your hands. A lot of cleaning kits leave records with scratches and can also leave residue behind.

When sifting through Spin Clean reviews, you’ll find that this record cleaner is different.

You’ll be able to leave the problems of traditional vinyl record cleaning behind. And your records will play better and last longer, too.

The Problems with Traditional Vinyl Record Cleaning Kits

Traditional vinyl recording cleaners seem to fall behind. These kits can do more harm than good, and some can be really expensive. A few of the problems that you’ll face with these kits are:

  • Chemicals: A lot of chemicals work well with newer vinyl, but they can damage older records. You’ll find that some of the chemicals will damage records or may cause peeling.
  • Scratches: The worst-case scenario for any audiophile is that when they clean their records, it leads to scratches. When scratched, the records can skip or fail to work properly. Loss of audio quality, especially when cleaning older records, is never a good thing.
  • Residue: Some cleaners won’t cause any chemical damage. Instead, lower-end cleaners will leave residue behind, causing the record not to play smoothly. This residue can be extremely difficult to remove once it ends up in the record’s grooves.
  • Fluid: The chemicals are meant to clean off the vinyl, but there are times when the liquid will remain in the grooves of the record. When the residue remains in the grooves, the sound will become distorted. Users may have to go and have their grooves professionally cleaned to restore the sound.
  • Difficulty cleaning: Newer, pristine records that have been cleaned normally are easy to clean. These records are not an issue for most cleaners, but a cleaner really shows its power when it’s used on older records. Many cleaners are too gentle to help restore old, dirty records.

Paper labels on records can be wet by some of the cleaning kits, causing damage to the record in the process. Cheaper cleaning kits have this over-spraying issue.

Brushes are another issue. There are brushes that have tough bristles that can lead to intense scratching of the record. Other brushes do not work to clean the record and are cheaply made. You won’t experience these issues with the Spin Clean.

Record cleaners are meant to restore your records while making it easier to clean them.

Is the Spin Clean the Best Budget Record Washer System?

spin clean record washer
The MKII Deluxe Set We Use

Visit online vinyl communities or local shops and you’ll find that most people recommend the same product for record cleaning: Spin Clean.

You’ll find positive Spin Clean reviews everywhere. This has to be the best record cleaner out there, right? Possibly. That’s because of its unique design and gentle cleaning formula.

Not to mention that the company has been in business since 1975. The cleaning formula and the basin are both made in the USA.

Records are delicate. They require careful cleaning and care. That’s where Spin Clean really stands out.

The system is simple. It consists of:

  • A record washing basin (don’t worry – it’s compact)
  • Two bottles of alcohol-free cleaning fluid
  • Two pairs of record-cleaning brushes
  • One pair of MKII rollers

The brushes and rollers are designed to clean your records without leaving a single scratch. Plus, the deluxe kit gives you enough materials to clean up to 6,300 records.

The basin won’t take up much space in your home either. It’s just 15” long and 6” high. It doesn’t require electricity either.

Here’s why we love Spin Clean:

Cleans All Types of Vinyl

You can use Spin Clean to clean any type of vinyl, including:

  • 33
  • 45
  • 78

This saves you from having to run out and buy cleaners for each type of record in your collection.

Proprietary, Alcohol-Free Cleaning Solution

Spin Clean’s proprietary cleaning solution is what makes this system so special. If you’ve ever used a record cleaner, you know that the results can be a hit or miss. Some leave behind residue. Others actually cause damage to the vinyl.

But Spin Clean uses an alcohol-free formula. The bottle you receive is a concentrate, which means that it needs to be diluted in the basin before cleaning.

This special cleaning formula traps dirt that comes off of the record and sinks it to the bottom of the basin. This prevents the dirt from being re-deposited back onto your record after cleaning.

Easy to Use

It couldn’t be easier to use the Spin Clean system.

  • Insert your record into the basin.
  • Rotate the record three times one way and three time the opposite way.
  • Remove the record and wipe it down with the pre-washed drying towel.
  • Play your record and enjoy!

Does Spin Clean Really Work?

How effective is Spin Clean really? Can’t you just use any ordinary record cleaner? If you value quality sound, then it’s hard to beat Spin Clean.

Fidelitone Inc. tested the Spin Clean system on RCA records from 1976 and found that:

  • Output sensitivity was significantly improved
  • Amplified record noise was reduced
  • Channel separation was improved

Audio Magazine also tested this system and found it to be one of the most efficient cleaners for dirty records.

These are just a few of the many tests performed by people in the industry, and all of them have had nothing but praise for the product.

Let’s not overlook all of the positive reviews from happy customers, too.


  • Easy to use
  • Alcohol-free cleaning formula
  • Cleans gently
  • Compact size


  • Time-consuming cleaning

The only real complaint we’ve seen is that some people feel the cleaning process is too time-consuming. However, we’ve found that this is really not the case. Spinning the record three times in each direction only takes a few minutes of your time.

If you’re an audiophile and enjoy the sound of old records, it’s important to use the right cleaning kit to keep the audio crisp. Spin Clean’s record washing system can restore even old, dirty records without leaving residue, scratches or lint behind.